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A Michigan original

A local Company

Select Pro Shot models are now not just proud to be made in the USA... but now made in MICHIGAN!!

Michigan Steel, Michigan labor, Michigan powder coated & more

Ask about the select models that are made in Michigan

Do you know all brands at chain stores selling Upper end Basketball systems from $1100.00-$1800.00 are all made in China.

There is nothing wrong to have basketball systems made in China. We have select models as well, and these models and brands are made very well [ours and chain stores models], but shouldn't they [China made] be cheaper than Made in the USA products? Chain store's charge more and you get less.

Pro Shot Basketball select models made in the USA [made in Michigan] are less money than chain store China made models.

Select Pro Shot system have 1/2" tempered glass. Middle School, High School, College Arena's and NBA Arena's all play on 1/2" tempered glass. All Chain stores like Dick's sell brands from $1100.00-$1800.00 and none of these chain stores offers half inch thick tempered glass backboards [at that steep markup of a price, chain stores should].

Pro Shot sells 1/2" tempered glass systems, hundreds of dollars cheaper than the thinner chain store brands!

However, if you prefer chain store brands,
Pro Shot recommends Mammoth, Spalding or Wilson. At least these good brands offer thicker steel, thicker rims and offer more for less money than any other chain store brand.

For our local customer only [Michigan]: you get exclusive better pricing

Pro Shot Basketball will sell thicker steel, thicker glass, thicker rims and include a FREE pole pad for HUNDREDS of dollars less than what your local chain will do selling thinner product

Also new for 2013 select

Pro Shot Basketball Systems

Offer a Premium Superior Lifetime Warranty

This means select Pro Shot Models are now warranted for slam dunking!

Do you know chain stores upper end systems like Dick's sells from $1100.00-$1800.00 and the manufacturer does not warranty the product for slam dunking on!

Hello?? It is a basketball system - what kid is not going to slam dunk on it.

Buyer Beware on select chain store brands!

Read the warranty on these brands, it will say Lifetime limited warranty. What does this mean? It means they cover things that fail from a manufacturer defect. That's it! They cover only defects. Select brands at chain stores will say if you slam dunk on their basketball system then your warranty is voided!!!

Most Pro Shot Basketball Systems are warranted for dunking and the parts are covered.

Pro shot Basketball sells premium upper end systems installed cheaper than chain stores just selling the equipment!!

Chain stores mark up upper end basketball systems from 50%-70%


No chain or Internet store even sells a basketball system on a 5" x 5" pole and 54" backboard for $799.00 (chain stores charge $1100.00 or more).

Exclusive for local customers only:

Pro Shot Basketball is Proud to announce we are the only store to sell a
5" x 5" adjustable pole, 54" tempered glass backboard, Medium flex breakaway rim for $799.00 FREE Pole Pad

Save $200.00-$400.00 from chain store mark ups

5" x 5" pole and 60" backboard not $1299.00 like chain stores.

Now $899.00 FREE Pole Pad

$400.00 cheaper than chain stores





FOR $999.00

Why is this our #1 seller?

Probably because customers are sticker shocked to see that all chain and Internet stores smaller 5x5 poles and 54" backboards are $1100.00 and higher. Their smaller 5x5 poles and 60" backboards are $1300.00 and higher. Their 6x6 poles on the 60" backboard are an insane $1500.00 and higher.

Our customers can get the larger [better/stronger] playing 6x6 pole and bigger 60" backboard cheaper than any chain and Internet stores smaller 5x5 poles on a 54" backboard

A lot of customer want to know who makes the best brand?

Great question, the answer is... Really nobody does!

A basketball system plays as good as the pole, PERIOD!!! The brand name, the dollar you're spending and store you're buying it from WILL NOT determine the play or strength of your system. The equipment [the pole size] determines the play and the strength.

When you see 5-10 brands all on the same size 5" x 5" pole and 54" board, or 5" x 5" pole and 60" backboard, or 6" x 6" pole and a 60" board, they are going to all pretty much play the same. You pick it by $$$, by the looks, by the features it offers, or the name.

We are always asked, if they all play the same when they are on the same size pole, then why the big price spread between brands?

Come on, you know the answer to that! Its the same on no matter the product you're shopping for. You're paying for a look, a brand name or that stores mark up, percentage needed.

ALL Basketball systems on 3.5" round poles & 4" x 4" square poles sold at chain stores are more of your low end systems. These models using smaller poles, not 5x5 or 6x6 will use thinner poles, thinner backboards, thinner support arms, thinner rim thickness and the height adjustments are thinner in fact about 30%-60% thinner.

This keeps the manufacturing cost down and gets systems at the price point from $499.00-$699.00. There is nothing wrong with buying brands on 4x4 poles if you don't care about the strength, stability/play or longevity of the system.

If you expect a system to play good and very much above average or even top shelf [Best play], then pick any brand on the 5" x 5" pole or the better/best 6" x 6" pole.


5"x 5" poles and 54" boards starting at $799.00 plus install

5" x 5" poles on 60" backboards starting at $899.00 plus install

6" x 6" poles on 60" backboards starting at $999.00 plus install

Celebrating over 25 years of loyalty and service to our Michigan neighbors. Thank you for over 10,000 Michigan Basketball systems installed.




Fax  810-629-8188


*Price match guarantee -
We have the lowest prices! lower than all chain stores!

If you find any local chain store to us, trying to match our prices (copying us), let us know. We wil beat all chain stores pricing  on 4"x4" poles systems from $25.00-$50.00*. We also will be $200.00-$500.00* cheaper than chain stores that are over charging you on systems using 5"x5"and 6"x6" pole systems.




Pro Shot Basketball is the only Sporting goods dealer in the country to offer a Premium system on a 5"x5" pole [11 gauge thick] 54" tempered glass backboard & breakaway rim for $799.00. Most chain stores sell the lower grade/brand like Goaliath on a chintzy, thinner 4"x4" sectional pole, cheaper, thinner, shorter, skinner steel arms, thinner glass & a cheaper thinner medium flex goal for $699 to $799.00.

Go to any chain store that sells 5"x5" poles and 54" tempered glass backboards and check out their prices.... They mark these sets up 50%-70% and charge you $1000.00-$1200.00 and these sets use some thinner parts than our $799.00 system on a 5"x5" pole!!!!

CHAIN STORE: Pay more, get less!

What is the difference with brands on 4"x4" poles and brands on 5"x5" poles?

There is a huge difference!  4x4 pole sets are low end & weak play and strength that will shake and wobble a ton, compared to better upper end sets on a 5x5 pole that play  very good and have great strength, with minor shake.  All brands in chain stores on a 4x4 pole are using up to 40%-60% thinner steel and glass making these sets play  poor to OK.

Chain stores pay $250.00-$375.00 for all these brands you see on 4"x4"poles.  Then some of these models they say, "Regular $1,000.00, now on sale for $499.00". With them paying only $250-$375 for these sets, they still make the over charged mark up profit of 40%, 50%, 60% and you thought you got an upper end set on sale.  When you really got a low end set not on sale! 

Brands like Goaliath and others are made just for the chain stores. These are not real national name brands found in different stores. This means these chain stores get to have misleading sales and say, "Regular $1099.00, now $499.00 - save $600.00." [They cant be priced match so the over inflate the value].  You know, like furniture stores always have a special sale this week only  "Save up to 70% off." When you go in that store any day it's the same price for that furniture, so it's really not a special sale. Same trick as these basketball sets so called sale of $500 off.  $499.00 is their every day price. These sets are 40%-60% thinner steel than upper end brands like Mammoth and Wilson and they use much thinner, weaker glass on low end models.  Brands on 4x4 poles are usually sectional poles [not one piece poles].

FACT: All basketball systems shake when you shot on them. The bigger and thicker the steel pole and arms, the better the play [less shake, more solid]. That's a fact, it's that simple!

If you think a certain brand name will play better than another, or by paying more it will make your system play better and be stronger, or that even a certain brand name is the best, wow, you will be in trouble with that logic! Do some homework and find out that the size and thickness of the brand you think is the best for $1,000.00-$1200.00 is a waste of money. You will find brands we carry have bigger, thicker steel pole and arms for $200-$400.00 less. Bigger and thicker doesn't play worse or become weaker, it's going to play better for less!

How about this fact: Chain stores selling all brands that use a 60" tempered glass backboard that is 3/8" thick with the rim & using a 5x5 pole for $1199.00-$1299.00.

What is Pro Shot's price?  How about $799.00-$899.00?

How about this fact: All brands on a 6"x6" poles [which play their very best, shake the least & most solid] with a 60" tempered glass backboard 3/8" thick with the rim.  Chain stores charge $1399.00-$1599.00 " Ouch"

What does Pro Shot charge? How about $899.00-$999.00

Pictured below is the Stadium Arena Pro Shot 660

The 660 [6"x6" pole on a 60" tempered glass board] uses a thicker steel pole and bigger thicker arms [the bigger, thicker arms use stadium bracing] this thicker system sells for less than the chain store systems charging more and giving you thinner steel!!!

Chain stores: Pay More, Get Less!

Pro Shot Basketball: Pay Less, Get More!

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.

This rare 6x6 pole 60" system is using the same size and thickness pole as all brands poles use on the 72" systems, making this the best play possible for a 60" system.
Premium bolt down/anchor system
Hand crank adjustable from 6'10"-10ft.
60"x38"x3/8 tempered glass backboard
New Stadium Bracing Arms -
arms are bigger and thicker steel than ever before. Upper arms to the side edge of board (like in College and Pro Arena's)
Heavy flex rim (thickest in the industry)

Pro Shot Basketball offers free pole pads on every brand we sell/stock - chain stores don't.  Pro Shot's installation prices are cheaper than any store.  When paying for installation, Pro Shot does not charge extra for delivery.  All chain stores not only charge more for installation, most charge extra to deliver the basketball set with install!

It's amazing the things that our customers tell us that the chain store hourly workers say, like "Goaliath is a Goalrilla (it's not, it's more of a lower end/budget set, nothing like or even close to a Goalrilla), and the quality and thickness of certain sets they say are premium sets, are not premium sets at all. 

When you buy sets at chain stores from
$399.00-$699.00, do you know that most lower end brands will not mention the thickness of the pole and backboard?  Nowhere on the box does it tell you the thickness of the pole and board.  Because if you knew it was 16 & 14 gauge thin poles and around 1/8 - 1/4" acrylic boards or 1/4" tempered glass* on these they're charging $399.00-$699.00 for, you wouldn't buy it!  Beware of what you are buying. 

Chain stores now tell the manufacturers that make name brand basketball sets to put different model numbers on the box so they don't have to price match.  That's right, the same set inside the box, but the outside of the cardboard box has a different model number on it.

Pro Shot gets hundreds and hundreds of phone calls across the country (due to Internet exposure) from customers wanting a basketball set on a heavy duty 5"x5" pole (crank adjustable) with board, rim, and pad for $699.  These out of state consumers see sets on 5"x5" poles at their local stores starting from $900 - $1000 and they just do not want to spend that amount for a basketball set.  They are hoping to spend only  $600, $700 or tops $800, so these out of state consumers get so excited seeing that finally someone (Pro Shot Basketball) has 5"x5" pole sets from $699 and up, but we cannot ship  to consumers out of state @ that price. many customers have traveled far around the country to get our prices. If they shop local they have no choice but to spend that $500, $600, or $700 on low end hoops that are on
4"x4" poles (16 - 14 gauge thin) like Goaliath, (not Goalrilla) or on Huffy brands, etc.  (Goaliath is low end - 4"x4" pole, 2 piece sectional and 14 gauge thin).  Don't make that mistake!

Pro Shot Basketball sets (a Michigan company) has a special opportunity for our Michigan customers.  We are the only store to offer 5"x5" crank adjustable poles with board, rim, and pad from $699 and up.

Lifetime/Mammoth Basketball Hoops

Hydra Rib/ First Team Basketball Goals

Wilson/ Dominator Basketball Hoops

Bison Basketball Goals

* Some lower end sets may use up to 5/16 tempered glass on there low end 2 piece sectional pole that is 14 gauge thin. Some of these low end sets may be using thinner or thicker specs on certain low end models that we have mentioned. Please verify specs and thickness of low end sets before you purchase them. Pro Shot basketball, Inc. is not responsible for specs of these low end models changing thicker or thinner. These are all approximate specs mentioned.

There is nothing wrong with buying lower end models like Goaliath and others that use much thinner steel and tempered glass.  They are $399.00-$699.00 for a reason - they are thinner, lighter, skinnier and do not play as solid and sturdy, and are not as strong as upper end systems, but this is a price point many might want to spend.  Remember, you get what you pay for!


New Feature!

Premium Stadium
Arena System

Click here for specs


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